Lawrence D. Eichen, Esq. - Sales Speaker & Consultant

Lawrence D. Eichen, Esq. is a practicing Attorney with over 25 years of litigation experience. He has resolved over a thousand cases through highly effective negotiations and powerful presentations.  He is also a skilled Mediator adept at conflict resolution.

Mr. Eichen has a passion for public speaking and helping others overcome fear, doubt, and subconscious programming that can sabotage their efforts and block them from reaching their full potential. By sharing his winning formula E=MC5, he provides a proven method to obtain excellence regardless of one’s chosen field of endeavor.

Mr. Eichen’s in-depth knowledge about persuasion and communication stems from his drive to master “authentic power.” Through his experiences inside and outside of the courtroom, including his own journey of self-discovery, Lawrence learned the hard way that one’s true power comes from being authentic.  He now uses that authenticity to inspire audiences to dramatically increase their ability to persuade, negotiate, and sell.

Areas of law Mr. Eichen has experience include commercial, personal injury, workers compensation, employment, matrimonial, traffic, DUI, criminal, debt-collection, and landlord-tenant.

Mr. Eichen is a licensed Attorney in good standing in New Jersey; trained Mediator; member of the New Jersey State Bar Association; and member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators.  He is also Level II Certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and a member of the Association of EFT Professionals.


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